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The Heritage Group, LLC

The Heritage Group Heroes Program – Serving Those Who Serve Others.

Buying or selling a home? Get the professional services you deserve at the discounted commission rates you've earned. It's easy. Your commitment and service to our community has qualified you for this program. And it's why we have committed ourselves to serve you. We want to help. The Heritage Group Heroes Program offers substantial savings and closing assistance to our Heroes. We are thrilled and honored to Serve Those Who Serve Others.


HeroesWho qualifies?
If you serve the community, we want to serve you. This program offers benefits to retired and active military personnel, first responders like firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMTs, as well as doctors, nurses
and teachers. Call us for more information.

Our program offers:

  • Discounted commission for our Hero sellers.
  • Closing cost assistance for our Hero buyers.
  • Our relationships with real estate service providers like attorneys, inspectors and lenders pay off with additional discounts to our Hero clients.
  • Rental location assistance is available to assist our Heroes in finding their desired apartment or rental housing.

We know you'll enjoy the savings. But, working with the Heritage Group has it's traditional benefits as well. Our realtors provide you with the highest level of professionalism and make sure you get real results and peace of mind. We offer that to all of our customers, but delivering it to our Heroes is especially satisfying.

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