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The Heritage Group, LLC

Short Sale Services

The Heritage Group can help homeowners having difficulty the opportunity to avoid a foreclosure. By doing this, the homeowner can lessen the negative effect of a foreclosure action on their credit history. This can allow for a much quicker financial recovery and allow the homeowner to purchase again in a much shorter time frame.

What is short sale?
It is very simply the agreement between the bank (whom holds the mortgage) and the homeowner, to take less than is owed on the mortgage. Upon approval, the bank will agree to sell the house "short" of what is owed. This allows sellers to avoid foreclosure and buyers the potential to purchase property at a significant discount.

Is a Short Sale the right choice for you?

  • Are you no longer able to make your monthly mortgage payment?
  • Do you owe more than you home is currently worth?
  • Have you already been denied a loan modification by your lender?
  • Are you ready to sell and move on?
  • Do you want to avoid a public foreclosure auction and deficiency judgement?
  • Would you like to avoid the damage to your credit associated with a foreclosure? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then a short sale maybe the right choice for you. 

In most cases, a short sale will cost you nothing!  Your lender will almost always pay for attorney fees, conveyance taxes, realtor fees and back taxes owed. 

At the Heritage Group, we can help navigate sellers and buyers through this process. Success in these transactions is dependent on having a skilled team. Our seasoned agents will be diligent and timely to ensure the best possible outcome for all of our clients.

Contact us today to see how we can help you take control of the situation, reduce stress, minimize your credit damage and achieve a successful result so you can get back to enjoying your life.